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100s of fun and safe activities every month.

A New Day, A New Adventure

At Sunshine Care our dynamic activities program is specifically designed to enhance and maintain the quality of life for seniors with memory loss. We strongly believe that fun and stimulating activities are the spice of life and make each day its own unique adventure. If you look at our activities calendar, you will see that we offer a wide variety of activities, including:

• Exercise classes
• Arts & crafts
• Intergenerational activities
• Learning and personal growth classes
• Gardening
• Special events
• Community field trips
• Holiday-themed activities and celebrations
• Horticultural Events

Owls Program - Older Wiser Learners Society - Dementia Care Program

Physical Fitness Activities

Physical exercise helps our residents stay healthy and energized. Our gentle and fun exercise program improves strength, stamina, mobility, endurance, and hand-eye coordination. We offer a variety of exercise activities, including:
• Morning Gwee Gym sessions
• Nintendo Wii games
• Nature walks in our gardens
• Games specifically focused on movement, range of motion, and stimulation.

Additionally, our garden club allows residents to help in the gardens as their capabilities allow.

Pet Friendly - Sunshine Care Memory Care

Spiritual and Therapeutic Activities

Spiritual activities help our residents feel fulfilled and inspired on a daily basis. These activities include:

• Weekly Bible studies
• Church services
• Music
• Horticulture therapy
• Pet therapy

Sunshine Care is a pet friendly place, and residents are allowed to have their own dogs with the approval from Sunshine Care.

 “Memories in the Making,” a program of a creative art expression.

Cognitive Activities

Memory stimulation is vital to those with memory loss and may even slow the rate of cognitive decline. Our cognitive activities are designed to keep the mind active and engaged. These activities include:

• Arts and crafts
• Horticultural Therapy
• Puzzles
• Tailored music therapy
• Games
• Trivia challenges

For those who are in the earlier stages of memory loss, our exciting OWLS program (Older Wiser Learners Society) provides a relaxed group setting where daily classes enhance cognitive function and stimulate the memory. [learn more]

Enjoying the park, field trip. One of many Memory Care activities.

Social Activities

Social activities are also critical for the overall well-being of our residents. We encourage interaction between the residents in our different houses and also regularly invite special groups to join in the fun. Our social activities include:

• Weekly dances
• Birthday parties
• Potluck socials
• Community outings
• Holiday celebrations|

Our intergenerational program provides weekly encounters with children that create memorable moments for both young and old.

Memory Care Support Group - Sunshine Care Community of Memory Care Homes

Support Group

Our final activity is not for our residents…it’s for you! We understand that caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging in many different ways. Sometimes it can be incredibly helpful to tell your story to someone who understands. That is why we created our monthly Support Group for Caregivers & Families. This is the perfect place to seek and give advice as well as to build comradery with other families who can empathize with what you are going through. [More Info]