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Cognative Therapy for Dementia and Memory Care

We Keep the Mind Working!

Our residents are thoughtful, curious, and eager to learn! That’s why at Sunshine Care we place a big emphasis on providing our residents with cognitive therapy, which helps them “exercise their brains,” and may even help slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and dementia!

We believe that cognitive therapy can help residents:

  • Stay mentally engaged and active
  • Learn new skills and discover new interests
  • Express themselves more comfortably and confidently
  • Experience greater emotional well-being
  • Exercise thinking skills, mental processing, and memory
  • Engage in fun, social activities and develop new friendships

A Leader in Cognitive Therapy

At Sunshine Care, we have designed some of the most innovative cognitive therapy programs in the dementia care industry, including our extremely popular horticulture program, our nationally acclaimed intergenerational program, and our cutting-edge OWLS program. All of our cognitive therapy programs are entirely voluntary and are designed specifically to accommodate the needs of individuals in various stages of dementia.

Click on the links below to learn more about each program:

O.W.L.S. (Older Wiser Learners Society)

Our OWLS program offers residents a chance to use their minds in a fun and supportive classroom environment. Each class centers around a different theme, and we encourage our “students” to tell stories, sing songs, discuss cultural events, and even write short stories!
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Horticulture Therapy

Our residents help us turn seeds into delicious and nutritional organic produce in our five organic gardens, two fruit tree orchards, flower garden, and green house. Residents assist in every stage of the planting, growing, and cultivating process and then eventually enjoy the “fruits” of their labor. Most of what we grow goes straight into our own kitchens.
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Memories in the Making

This program encourages our residents to express themselves in a creative and artistic way. We partner with local artists who guide each class. With a paintbrush in hand, our residents speak without words and share memories in bright, beautiful colors.
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Intergenerational Programs

Our residents light up and instantly turn into loving grandmas and grandpas when we invite local youth groups to visit our campus and share an activity together. Our intergenerational program bridges the decades, and everyone who participates comes away with new knowledge and appreciation for those in a different generation.
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