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Frequently Asked Questions


Dad has lived alone since our mother passed away. He is increasingly lonely, forgetful and gets lost easily. How would he fit in?

These are issues families commonly face. Sunshine Care’s small home model easily allows residents to connect with others who share similar memories. Way-finding issues are practically nonexistent at Sunshine Care as the single-level homes are designed around a central living, activity area with short hallways leading to the bedrooms. Each resident’s photo is framed at his or her bedroom door as a reminder to where he lives.

Do you have both private and shared rooms?
We offer private as well as shared rooms.

Can we bring dad’s own furnishings and hang pictures on the walls?
Residents are encouraged to bring their own furnishings and personal effects. Pictures are great for memory enhancement and lend a lovely personal touch to each resident’s room.

What should we bring?
Besides bringing the usual hygiene items and clothing, look around their living environment and identify those things that are meaningful. Personal items that can be touched, looked at and reminisced about are great. Don’t forget those favorite slippers and warm sweater.

Team Members

What kind of dementia training does your staff have?
Management provides the Sunshine Care staff with ongoing dementia and other training relating to the special needs of seniors with dementia and/or other physical limitations beyond that which is required by the state of California.


Mealtime is important to my mother and she likes good food. What are your meals like?
Think comfort foods. Our menu rotates regularly and includes familiar foods that are both nutritious and tasty, using freshly home grown organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Am I correct in my understanding that you are serving more natural, organically grown and raised foods?
Sunshine Care is on the leading edge in the field of senior care. We believe that eliminating pesticides and antibiotics from the processing of foods inherently improves the overall quality of meals. Things just taste better! The fruits and vegetables used in our menu are grown on our property and used seasonally.


Can residents have pets?
Yes. Sunshine Care welcomes approved pets, as they provide love and companionship.


Who pays for medications?
The cost of medications is not covered in the monthly rent. Medication costs are governed by the resident’s insurance and medicare. The responsible party then pays for any deductible. All medications are then centrally stored and dispensed according to the resident’s written physician’s orders.


Can my mother continue to see her own physician?
It’s hard to get dad out to the doctor’s office. Do you know a doctor who makes house calls?
The choice of doctors is guided by a resident’s medical insurance. If the insurance is an HMO plan, then the choices are made within a policy driven group. Example: If you have Kaiser insurance then you must use the Kaiser doctors. If the insurance is a PPO plan, or straight Medicare, then the resident can continue to use his or her previous physician. There is a service available that provides physicians and psychiatrists who make house calls.


Mom likes to be pampered and do “lady” type activities.
Sunshine Care’s personal assistants treat residents to such luxuries as makeup and manicures, lotion hand rubs, and bubble baths. Everyone enjoys teatime with homemade cookies.

Some days dad likes to join in with the group and other days he prefers to watch. Does your program accommodate both watchers and joiners? What do you have for residents who like to participate in more physical activities?

Sunshine Care’s Activity Director plans and implements a full program with activities for all levels of interest and ability, including field trips, movies, shopping, and sightseeing. Resident’s rooms open to peaceful gardens that encourage walks or sitting by the fountains and bird watching. Our wheelchair-accessible state-of-the-art greenhouse is designed for resident participation. Sunshine Care residents enjoy weekly water color classes facilitated by a local artist in partnership with the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association. This program is a big hit with residents and families alike.


Do you have a van with a wheelchair lift?
Sunshine Care residents enjoy the pleasure of frequently scheduled trips in the wheelchair-accessible facility van. The outings include sightseeing trips, shopping, movies, and field trips. Monthly field trips have included the Oceanside Harbor, Coronado Island, Carlsbad Flower Fields, Oceanside Pier, Vista Village Mural, Wild Animal Park, and Bates Nut Farm.