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Successes and Failures in Your Summer Gardens

Free Garden Lecture Series

Bring your toughest Gardening questions!
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Successes and Failures in Your Spring/Summer Gardens and Preparing for Fall/ Winter Plantings

My peppers are sunburnt, my tomatoes have black spots on the blossom end, why is my lettuce bitter, there’s this white stuff all over my zucchini. All these problems have their reasons and probable solutions. We will discuss all of your queries on problems with your early crops and go over everything you need to know to prepare to have a bountiful Fall Veggie season. Share your experiences in the garden, both good and bad!

Bring your toughest Gardening questions!

Sat, August 20th
(3rd Saturday of Month)
10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (noon)
Farmer Roy Wilburn
Director of Horticulture, Sunshine Care HomesAfter 20 years as a commercial produce grower in Mexico, Farmer Roy is now starting his seventh year as the grower of delicious, nutritious, quality produce for the residents of Sunshine Care. He is also active in food bank, community and school gardens in the county. Sharing his tips and experiences on “Home Grown Organic Fruits and Veggies” is his passion.
Sunshine Care Homes
12725 Monte Vista Rd., Poway, CA 92064
(Follow the signs & balloons to the event)
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Contact/RSVP: Farmer Roy, Director of Horticulture
Phone: (858) 472-6059
E-Mail: roy@sunshinecare.com
Who Should Attend:
Everyone is welcome. Bring along closed toed shoes, water, hats and sunblock. We look forward to seeing you in the garden!
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