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In the Spotlight May 2017

Dementia Care Resident of the Month

Resident of the Month

Phil Graessle

Mr. Phil Graessle, better known as “Captain”, was born on January 16, 1932 in Los Angeles, California to Howard David and Mary Adilene. Phil has one older brother named Dave. Phil attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and served in the Navy for 26 years, retiring as a Captain. Phil and his wife Sally met in Thailand when Phil was stationed there and Sally was there visiting her dad who was also stationed in Thailand with Phil. Sally’s dad was the one who introduced the two of them to each other and ended up being their matchmaker. Two years later, Phil and Sally decided to tie the knot in the summer of 1962.

Phil and Sally have two children: Grant and Molly, and three grandchildren: Arthur, Samantha, and Anelisa. During his younger years, Phil was very active and loved the outdoors. He enjoyed sailing, playing golf, gardening, and hiking. Phil even got to climb the top of Cowles Mountain.

Phil joined the Sunshine Care family in July of 2016 and has been loved by staff and residents alike due to his charming and loving personality. Phil enjoys walking around the garden and he also loves to dance during Karaoke hour. Phil’s favorite desserts are ice cream and cherry pie.


Dementia Caregiver & Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Edna Tobias

Edna Tobias was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and is the youngest of seven children. Edna has three children: 1 daughter and 2 sons, and a cute grandson named Darren.

Edna migrated to California in October 2015 and currently lives with her mother, daughter, and grandson here in San Diego. Her youngest son works in Dubai as a programmer and her other son stayed in the Philippines working in the Department of Education.

Prior to migrating to California, Edna worked as a Survey Interviewer in a big company called Social Weather Station (SWS) for 10 years. Edna started working at Sunshine Care in March 2016 and currently works as a night shift caregiver at the Palms.

On her days off, Edna spends her time taking care of her mother and her grandson. She likes watching movies and listening to music, which helps her relax and stay positive. When asked what she likes most about her job, Edna’s response was, “I love to take care of the elderly. I want to see them strong and happy. That’s the only way I can show my love and affection by treating them nicely and important.”

Congratulations Edna and keep up the great work!