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In the Spotlight August 2017

Dementia Care Resident of the Month

Resident of the Month

Joan Akshoomoff

Joan Akshoomoff was born on June 24, 1931 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to John and Caroline Falck and has one younger brother Charles.

Joan lived in Pittsburgh until her early 20’s when she joined the Air Force in 1954. She worked as a typist for about 2 years. While in the Air Force, Joan met her first husband Tom and they married in December 1955. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted about 3 years and they divorced in 1958. Joan decided to move to California the following year where she met her second husband Alex. They both lived in the same apartment building in Holly-wood and met in Joan’s living room when Joan’s room-mate invited Alex over and introduced the two to one an-other. They eventually married in 1963 at the Chapel of the Stars in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joan and Alex were married for 34 years and have a beautiful daughter named Natasha and two grandsons: Zachary and Peter.

After her husband died in 1998, Joan moved to Georgia to live with her daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons. In 2001, the family decided to move back to California. Joan lived in Oaks North Senior Independent Living Homes in Rancho Bernardo for about 10 years prior to becoming part of the Sunshine Care family.

Joan just celebrated her one year anniversary at Sunshine Care last month. She is very outgoing and loves to do everything offered at Sunshine Care. Her personal favorites are Garden Club and the OWLS classes. She also tries to be present at every community party and event that is scheduled. Joan’s favorite holiday is Christmas and her favorite color is blue. When asked about her favorite food, Joan’s response was, “I love anything sweet!”

Joan, we are so happy to have you as part of our family!

Dementia Caregiver & Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Donna Tayag

Donna was born on March 27, 1966 in Angeles City, Philippines to Rodolfo and Corazon Lagman Tayag. She has eight siblings.

Donna attended Republic Central Colleges in Angeles City where she majored in Economics and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Art in 1986. Prior to migrating to California, Donna worked in Quality Control at LNT International Group Company for more than 20 years. She migrated to California in July 2011 and just two months after, she landed a job at the 99 Cent store in Poway. She worked there for about five years.

Donna is a proud single mother of two children, Valerie Joy and Jasper and she has an 8-month-old grandson named Lean Jab. Donna currently resides in Rancho Penasquitos with her son Jasper while her daughter and grandson still live in the Philippines.

Donna started working at Sunshine Care in April 2016. She said that she really enjoys her job as a caregiver and takes pride in taking care of the residents. She also loves working with her fellow staff that she finds very helpful and fun to be around. She also enjoys sharing food with them during meal breaks.

During her days off, Donna would prefers to stay home and relax and try to catch up on sleep. Some of her favorite hobbies include listening to soft, mellow music and watching “Teleseryes” (Tagalog Soap Operas).

Congratulations Donna and keep up the great work!