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Sunshine Care Homes announced they have achieved the status of “A Generations United Program of Distinction” as they Honor Students of St. Michael’s Catholic School in Poway

As part of Catholic Schools Week Festivities St. Michael’s School
Hosts Grandparents Day

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Director of Community Relations and Intergenerational Programs
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POWAY, California —Wednesday, January 30 — Sunshine Care Assisted Living Homes announced its status as “A Generations United Program of Distinction” at the St. Michael’s School Catholic Schools Week Grandparents Day Celebration. Festivities included grandparents attending school for the day and an awards ceremony honoring 20 student winners of Sunshine Care’s “Third Annual Grandparents Day Creativity Contest”.

Sunshine Care’s Executive Director Michelle Andreasen applauded St. Michael’s School for their four years of participation in The Great Friendship Link noting, “Each week of the school year a classroom of St. Michael’s students walk over and they work with Senior Buddies at Sunshine Care. For the Residents, the highlight of the visit is simply time spent together. They really enjoy it when the kids offer them a Hug, Handshake or High-Five. That act of kindness and respect goes a long way and we see it reflected in the faces of our Residents.”

Lisa Lipsey, the Director of Community Relations and Intergenerational Programs for Sunshine Care announced the news and added to Andreasen’s remarks to the students saying “The volunteer work you are doing with our Grandmas and Grandpas is unique and special. There is nothing else quite like it in San Diego County or in the state of California! Way to go St. Michael’s School!” She also stated that Sunshine Care has been asked to create a guidebook to help other schools and senior communities start their own intergenerational programs.

During the presentation by Sunshine Care, winners of the Third Annual Grandparents Day Creativity Contest were also announced. The categories were: drawings, poetry and essays, all relating to their experiences with their own Grandparents or with the Sunshine Care Grandmas and Grandpas during their visits to Sunshine Care Homes. The creative projects made by St. Michael’s students will be published in the guidebook.

Twenty winners were honored from across the grade levels. Each contest winner received a certificate of achievement and a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble courtesy of Sunshine Care.